When you see fashion on the runway chances are it is very trend and product-orientated, beautiful products nonetheless, but when you look at graduate collections, you have something unknown in store for you. One of those young designers who caught our eye was twenty-five-year-old Patrick Dougherty from Dublin. His recent graduate collection Peekaboo that he showed at Central Saint Martins in London is a quiet celebration of self-expression and individualism.

It’s based on my teenage wardrobe which I revisited during a trip home last summer. Trying on the garments and seeing how small and ill-fitting they now were made me reminisce on my awkward growing pains, especially during secondary school. I wanted to capture these funny and uncomfortable moments and contrast them with an undercurrent of raw, adolescent horniness in the low-hanging waists, the exposed underwear, the bare chests.

The pureness of the teenage spirit is revealed in the textiles, where I acted on instinct and tried to maintain the same work-in-progress energy as my sketchbook, by using analog methods like biros and sharpies on poplin shirts, and a vintage graph paper découpage textile I developed, which is screen printed with doodles and scribbles similar to those carved into classroom tables. ” –  Patrick told us on describing his graduate collection.

Check it out below:


Designer: Patrick Dougherty @p.atrickdougherty
Backstage Photographer: Diego Hernandez @_diegohhss_