During Men’s Paris Fashion Week, we got the chance to see the Honor The Gift‘s Spring/Summer 2025 collection “Inner City Auto Club” up close, full of little details from embroidered “H”s to “1988” (the year founder Russell Westbrook was born), the collection pays homage to growing up in Los Angeles down to the nostalgic colorways.

The line rekindles the flame of those treasured yesterdays with a modern twist, infusing camaraderie, freedom, and new air into each piece while inspired by the classic film Paid in Full. Summers outside were a safe opportunity to interact with your community and go from place to place, those carefree days are at the core of the season.

A new addition to the collection is a spin on the classic Auto Tracksuit. Returning pieces from the Spring Summer 2024 collection, such as the Multicolored Indigo Patchwork Vintage Wash, have been given an updated twist. Custom all-over print patterns reappear on new versions of classic denim designs, while the new Suede Bomber emerges as a highlight piece in this collection.  Popular graphic tees are elevated with hand-drawn graphics using custom crew pictures surrounded by vintage vehicles and bikes. Featured designs include, but are not limited to, contrast piping on the sleeves, rhinestone embellishments on denim and graphics, custom yarn stripes on multi-striped camp collar tops, and heavy canvas offers in vest/pant combinations, tote bags, messenger bags, and bucket hats.

Check out the collection below: