Balenciaga is bringing the heat this summer with a brand new line of “Objects” . Think beyond the beach bag – this collection is all about upping your summer game with sports equipment and beach essentials, all in sleek black.

Volleys, towels, water boards, pétanque balls, and racquet sets – each piece gets the Balenciaga treatment with the iconic 8-like B logo proudly displayed. Whether it’s printed, embossed, woven, or engraved, the branding adds a touch of luxury to your summer fun.

The campaign stays true to Balenciaga’s “It’s Different” concept, featuring each item with a playful tagline. Think “Life’s a Beach” emblazoned on a volleyball, or “Out of Office” paired with a luxurious beach towel. These cheeky slogans perfectly capture the carefree spirit of summer.

Check it out below: