Do you remember the last Balenciaga show where it snowed non-stop? Well, this year’s show, which has just been held in Paris, is nothing less than a continuation of that one, because according to Demna, creative director of the Balenciaga fashion house, when the snow melts it turns into mud.

Mud, with the permission of the Spring/Summer 23 creations, was one of the main protagonists of the Balenciaga show, as the set created by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra was filled with tons of it. In the middle of the chosen location, there was an area marked out as if it were bomb craters, partly in reference to the terrible situation that the designer had to go through when he was no more and no less than 10 years old, as he and his family had to flee his home country of Georgia.

In the stadium where the show was held, it was clear how a path with puddles of water marked out what was to be the catwalk. Demna’s rapper and friend “YE”, better known as Kanye West, appeared, as if he were a messiah, with a firm step and to the soundtrack of BFRND, wearing a tactical jacket and trousers with knee pads, in the purest military style and topped off with a baseball cap.

The rest of the looks followed, 74 to be precise, with an abundance of sweatshirts with graffiti graphics and ripped jeans. This time, fortunately, it wasn’t all casual wear, but there were also more elegant pieces such as corsets that revealed the models’ muscular arms, shiny mesh and fishnet t-shirts, and oversized jackets and trouser suits.

On the other hand, as for the accessories, an essential part of the brand, the vibrantly colored spiral scarves, the bags with integrated gloves, and the 3D-printed Dutch clogs was particularly eye-catching.

Click here to watch the show and take a look at the collection below: