The Spring/Summer 2024 ready-to-wear couture collection “White Lies” by the House of Harry Halim was unveiled in Jakarta. Photographer Ray Lie takes us backstage and up close to elaborate silhouettes that eschew the melancholic embrace of fall for the comforting embrace of benevolent falsehoods.

A symphony of ethereal soft architecture emerges from the delicate alchemy of subtly misleading information at its foundation. Here, delicately painting with the many hues of white, a sign of purity linked with the enigma of deception, flowing structures and complex details in genderless silhouettes arrange a tale that covers the gamut from innocence to wisdom.

A new masterpiece arises with ineffable grace, marking a significant genesis, an exquisite inception, as the line between truths and soft lies blurs and the unmovable wall separating femininity and masculinity is broken.

Check out the backstage images below:


Photography: Ray Lie @raylie20
Jewelry collaboration: MAHIJA
Nails’ art: CAPRIQUE