It’s often said that let bygones be bygones or never look back, but it’s true that now and then it’s good to take a look back and remember different eras, times, things, and so on. This is precisely what GUESS Originals and Hot Wheels have done by teaming up, as the two have created a capsule collection that celebrates the American road and looked to their archives for inspiration to resurrect retro graphics.

The graphics we’re referring to have been printed and reimagined in the form of vintage patches on the pieces that make up the summer line, such as embroidered racing jackets, silk patchwork hoodies, t-shirts, and even caps, all of which are inspired by the roughness of the road and reflect the identities of the two parties involved in the collaboration.

Have you been a fan of Hot Wheels since you were a kid? Then this is the time for you. Shop any of the items that make up the GUESS Originals and Hot Wheels capsule collection on now.