Step into the world of exclusive style as Gucci Vault proudly presents a captivating capsule collection in collaboration with the preppy label Rowing Blazers. Led by the creative force of Jack Carlson, this brand has made waves with its infusion of traditional collegiate vibes, effortlessly blending formal shirts with rugby tops, sophisticated trousers, and Sperry shoes. But here’s the twist—prepare to be swept away by a riot of color and whimsical motifs that inject pure joy into every piece.

The Gucci Vault capsule from Rowing Blazers showcases the charming Dodo character, a symbol closely associated with the brand since its inception in 2017. This endearing creature holds connections to Oxford and Alice in Wonderland, both timeless sources of inspiration for the label. Speaking about this delightful addition, Carlson reveals, “The dodo is at once noble and tragic. I’ve been fascinated by them since I was very young.”

Prepare to be dapper with a tuxedo version of Rowing Blazer’s signature “Fun Shirt,” featuring a wing collar and tuxedo bib adorned with vibrant panels of red, yellow, blue, and green stripes. Classic suit jackets in stunning green with white piping or aubergine with red piping receive the golden button treatment, adding a touch of elegance to the ensemble. And for the perfect casual-cool additions, a T-shirt and a harlequin sherpa jacket crafted from upcycled fabric round out this extraordinary drop.

The Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault capsule is now available for purchase HERE, offering a vibrant and stylish journey into the world of preppy fashion.

Take a look at our favorite pieces below: