EYTYS is excited to introduce Eros, the new addition to their sneaker line-up. Eros is a slim sneaker that takes cues from the classic ‘70s running shoes but with a modern twist, thanks to the latest lightweight technology.

The design of Eros is a blend of old-school charm and new-school tech. It’s made with thin nylon and suede, giving it a deconstructed look that’s both stylish and functional. The midsole is flexible yet supportive, and the serrated rubber sole offers good traction. Plus, the insole is breathable, making Eros a great choice for the summer heat.

Eros comes in four colors and is part of EYTYS’s Summer 2024 collection. The campaign for these sneakers is unique, too. British artist Luke Nugent used AI to create artwork that combines renaissance art with a retro sportswear vibe, perfectly capturing the essence of Eros.

Check it out below:


You can find Eros sneakers in stores, on the EYTYS website, and at selected retailers.