Paris and its fashion week continue to host the most anticipated shows of the season. One of them was that of the emblematic British brand Vivienne Westwood, which became one of the most complicated to access the show, due to the hundreds of fans who flocked to the door of the show’s location.

Vivienne Westwood is at one of its best moments and Andreas Kronthaler knows it. Coincidentally or not, young people love and revere the brand. For his part, Andreas was particularly excited, because as he said backstage he hadn’t left London for a year and had been at home reading and designing. All this work was perfectly presented on the catwalk and under the watchful eye of the singer Doja Cat, guest star of the show.

Kronthaler’s return to the French capital was particularly moving, thanks in part to the stirring sound of the accordion on the soundtrack. His imaginative journey involving various characters, such as sloths and angels, monks and harlots, nobles and commoners, was reflected in looks that represented and brought together the brand’s hallmarks. Tailored pieces, buttoned jackets combined with xl platforms, unbuttoned corsets, flashy prints, and crazy mix-and-match combinations are part of what we could see in the show.

Take a look at the collection below: