What does it mean to be young in the 21st century? This is the question that inspired the project “Portrait of a Generation”, a collaboration between Studio 13/16, a space for art and creation for teenagers at the Centre Pompidou, and Andrea Crews.

The project is a photographic portrait of a group of teenagers who frequent Studio 13/16, captured by the photographer Ben Fourmi in the emblematic setting of the Centre Pompidou. The teenagers are not only the subjects, but also the co-creators of the portrait, as they express their unique personalities and styles through their poses, gestures, and outfits.

The outfits are a mix of archive pieces from Andrea Crews and second-hand clothes that the teenagers brought from their own wardrobes.

The portrait is more than a mere representation of youth, it is also an exploration of its potential and power. The teenagers are not passive or conformist, but active and rebellious. They challenge the norms and expectations of society, and embrace their own individuality and creativity. They are the catalysts for change, both in the fashion industry and in the world at large.

Check it out below:

Project by Maroussia Rebecq @mama_roussia
Photo: @benfourmi
Archives: @andreacrews
Styling: @cleliacz
MUA: @chinchollekim
Production: @studio1316
Styling assistant: @laura.hoarau
Centre Pompidou @centrepompidou
Models: @amy_bkt @rcamille010 @chl.job @dstn_07 @gabriva_ @lexev @luisapnci @dizzieleten @micka.lhs @m4rl_ne @nikofierce @romainblst @_rmn_7739_ @theolorentee @jesuismadamezozo