Balenciaga has teamed up with the family and alma-mater of the late Angelo Badalamenti, one of the most influential composers and arrangers of the 20th and 21st centuries, to celebrate his legacy and inspire the next generation of musicians.

The collaboration, which was initiated by Badalamenti himself before his death in 2022, consists of three main components: a curated playlist, a merch collection, and a masterclass.

The playlist, which is part of the Balenciaga Music Series, features a selection of Badalamenti’s own compositions, ranging from his iconic film scores for David Lynch to his pop collaborations with artists like Julee Cruise and Marianne Faithfull. The playlist is available to stream or download at

The merch collection, which is limited-edition, includes t-shirts and crewneck sweatshirts that display a graphic of Badalamenti’s handwritten score for “Torch Theme”, a piece he wrote for the 1992 film Fire Walk with Me. The collection is available in selected Balenciaga stores and on A campaign that showcases the merch was shot in New York at Manhattan School of Music, where Badalamenti studied and graduated in the 1950s. The campaign features some of the school’s students and members of Badalamenti’s family, including his daughter Danielle, who is also a musician.

The masterclass, which is sponsored by Balenciaga, is a partnership with Manhattan School of Music and its composition department head Dr. Reiko Fueting. The masterclass is designed to honor Badalamenti’s legacy and teach students about his remarkable oeuvre. It invites students to create original works inspired by Badalamenti’s style and techniques. The masterclass is free of charge for students who are currently enrolled at Manhattan School of Music.