When looking at the duo AMBUSH‘s creations you cannot but think of that world cited and made famous by Stan Sakai. Colour and folklore but also design and innovation. The brand DNA is rooted in the Japanese traditional cultures, the soul is the exuberant and experimental one of the London artistic scenario though.

Founded in 2008 by Yoon and Verbal, Ambush catches the distinctive aesthetics of a Postmodern Tokyo. It deconstructs and rearranges it to an universal taste, of anyone and nobody, unique, with no compromises. The highly innovative Pop Art inspired pieces include the iconic trademarked POW motif, which ignites interest in global style influencers resulting in media coverage around the world. An idiosyncratic style, theirs, which has allowed collaborations with leading figures all different from one another: from Maison Kitsuné to SACAI.

Meantime AMBUSH progresses into creating unisex thematic collections designed in their Tokyo Studio: MONTAGE, NU ORDER, VVV, HOLY MOUNTAIN, PAST ICONS until the new F/W 2015-16 Collection, DREAMCATCHERS.









Fucking Young! – Hello Guys! How are you? Let’s break the ice… Who and what does the brand AMBUSH want to represent?

AMBUSH – The Men & Women who wear AMBUSH appreciate the finer things, they’re confident in their choices and live by their own rules.


FY! – AMBUSH was born in 2008 as an experimental line of jewelry to create the VERBAL & YOON accessories, but when and how did your passion for design and jewelry come alive?

A – We are influenced by Pop Art in so many ways! In part a reaction against the status quo and we present the modern interpretation of traditional jewelry with whatever materials.


FY! – If I tell you Pop Art, what’s your reply?

A – We are influenced by Pop Art in so many ways! In part a reaction against the status quo and we present the modern interpretation of traditional jewelry with whatever materials.


FY! – We can count a lot of collaborations: Louis Vuitton (Kim Jones), Maison Kitsuné, SACAI and UNDERCOVER, just to name a few. What and how much did you get from each of them?

A – Its always fun collaborating with your friends because you already have a natural bond and understanding. We always are inspired by our friends and collaborators.


FY! – AMBUSH progressed into creating unisex thematic collections designed in AMBUSH’s Tokyo Studio. Japan is your homeland but your style winks at the West. (especially London). How do you manage to combine these two worlds, so far from one another?

A – Think its a natural reflection and by-product of our multi-cultural background and undying thirst for studying different cultures and sub-cultures.


FY! – As we’ve already underlined, your creations are unisex. What are the advantages of creating collections suited to both men and women and what the difficulties?

A – Advantages of creating are, you are not bound by rules of what men and women should be wearing. If you look at the history in many cultures, both men and women decorated themselves with jewels and accessories for centuries and it wasn’t frowned upon especially the higher you are in the ranking.


FY! – You were born only seven years ago but you’re already strong in the international market: France, Australia, great Britain, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Thailand. What do you consider as the secret of your success?

A – We now live in an age where the world is much closer due to the internet. Every city is some what influenced by each other and we believe that helped us to find consumers in different countries.


FY! – An adjective to describe AMBUSH style.

A – Bold, confident.


FY! – MONTAGE, NU ORDER, VVV, HOLY MOUNTAIN, PAST ICONS: these are the names of some of your previous collections. Each themed. Which is the fil rouge linking one another?

A – AMBUSH DNA lies in specific color way and shapes. If you look closely you’ll notice them in each collection.


FY! – Instead, which is the theme for the next F/W 15-16 Collection. Would you like to talk about it?

A – Our new collection, DREAMCATCHERS (which is launching at the end of April) are our modern take on American Southwestern jewelries mixed with a spirit of The Beatles’ WHITE ALBUM. We experimented with dyeing stones to psychedelic coating. To compliment the jewels, we made few denim pieces.


FY! – Which is the most representative item?

A – From DREAMCATCHERS collection, the dreamcatcher pendant, pipe breast plate and the stones squash pendatns are most representative.


FY! – A more personal question…What could you never give up in your life?

A – Freedom, love, and korean food


FY! – As usual, the last question. According to you, what is really FUCKING YOUNG!?

A – Endless enthusiasm and energy. Angst and hunger. Unfiltered.