Paris Fashion Week is around the corner and you may want to have a cultural break. Overwhelm by all the new exhibitions happening right now? Here is a selection of our favorite art exhibitions of the moment.

Love Brings Love: The tribute fashion show in honor of Alber Elbaz

Until July 10th, The Palais Galliera is celebrating Alber Elbaz in an unprecedented exhibition format, recreating the collaborative show that was presented in tribute to the legendary designer on October 5th, 2021. Following Alber’s passing, AZ Factory, the fashion start-up he had recently founded, imagined and organized a show in his honor with 46 participating houses and designers brought together to create looks inspired by the man and his prolific legacy: flowing dresses with long trains, short dresses with ruffles or big bows, dresses printed with drawings and portraits of Alber. Each designer, whether established or emerging, whether creative director of one of the heritage Maisons or head of their own brand, came up with a perspective on fashion design, its questioning, and its take on contemporary issues such as the environment, diversity, and gender. Here are some designers participating in this beautiful tribute: Ricardo Tisci, Kim Jones, Dries Van Noten, Daniel Lee, Grace Wales Bonner, Thebe Magugu as well as Jonathan Anderson.

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Jacques Merle recreates his childhood in his first solo exhibition

Maestria Collection founded by Léa Cousy and Lucie Marquand Gairard is now presenting French artist-painter Jacques Merle for his first solo show. It’s in a wonderful country house not far away from Paris where Jacques decided to recreate his childhood environment mixing references from his family as well as his favorite poems and writings from Virginie Despentes. This exhibition shows his paintings as well as some ceramics and embroidered shirts. “La maison où j’ai grandi” is a breath of fresh air and if you like Cocteau paintings, you will definitely love Jacques Merle’s works. But hurry up, it’s until June 24th.

For more information, please contact Maestria Collection.

Botanical – Observing Beauty by Chaumet

From June 16th to September 4th, one of the most recognized luxury jewellery brands of the world Chaumet and The Beaux-Art de Paris present Botanical – Observing Beauty curated by Marc Jeanson. This unprecedented and ambitious exhibition affirms the beauty of nature and celebrates the timeless essence of plaNt life through an interplay of viewpoints, eras and media, inviting visitors to look at nature through the universal prism of art and beauty. As project initiator, Maison Chaumet has drawn on its vast heritage, one of the most important in the history of jewelry in Europe, to make its naturalist identity and botanist perspective resonate with the wealth of artistic forms that have also looked to the botanical.

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Jonathan Lasker new paintings at Thaddaeus Ropac

Thaddaeus Ropac Paris Marais presents an exhibition of new works by American painter Jonathan Lasker. Throughout his career, Lasker has developed a distinctive formal vocabulary based on different mark-making processes in response to the prevailing minimalist and conceptual art movements. Together, the group of paintings on view showcases the artist’s new, playful approach to his idiosyncratic visual language. Lasker is a considered, deliberate painter, who uncouples line and color in his works, inviting us to think through the construction of images and narratives out of paint. In his new paintings, he juxtaposes his signature scribbles and sober black outlines with thickly-rendered, sherbet-colored shapes that appear to converse and interact on the canvas. Set against a white background, in contrast to previous paintings on colored grounds, these organic, fluid forms are poised on the edge of representation, opening up new visual dimensions for viewers to explore.

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Painting by Jacques Merle
Alber Elbaz portrait by Tim Walker