AFTERHOMEWORK reminds us that times are changing. A new generation of young creatives is taking place in fashion. This is what they are: strong and idealist. Despite the young age, Pierre Kazcmarek (designer) and Elena Mottola (stylist) are extraordinarily self conscious and extremely aware of the actual situation of fashion system. They know well who they are and how they want to relate themselves with the market. The talented duo wants to bring freshness and new ideas. Their aim is to bring the voice of enlightened millennials in a business dominated by strict laws and statements. Fashion can be a strong mean to spread important ideals and try to change society, little by little and this two talented creatives are the proof.


When was the time you first realized you wanted to do fashion? Do you remember a specific anecdote?

The first ideas came out when I was 14. I was so passionate by fashion, I spent all my time watching runway shows on internet. I think everything started from there.


When and how AFTERHOMEWORK has born?

When some older friends started their fashion projects, I decided it was time to have my own. I discussed my plan with my parents first because I was just 15 at this time. They were ok with it from the beginning, but, like all parents would, they told me that school had to come first anycase. So I thought it was funny to call my brand AFTERHOMEWORK. I started with a capsule of t-shirts, but straight after I decided to design every sort of clothing. Now we just came out with our 3rd collection.


In which moment you understood that thing were getting serious?

I have always taken my work with AFTERHOMEWORK very seriously. Some people doubt us because we are young. I understand it, we need to prove ourselves. But I think Elena and me are on the right way to prove everyone that we are solid and to be taken seriously by the industry and the media.


Who are your favourite designers and how they have influenced your style?

Margiela is my favorite designer ever. He invented modern fashion and find out a new way to make clothes. I love his job, I love the way he feels about fashion. He is my biggest inspiration for sure.


What’s the relevance of styling today and why? How does it cooperate creating the signature look of a brand?

Today styling is very important. Almost everything has already been made, so it is difficult right now to innovate and be different. Pushing hard on styling is the best way to build up your own identity. Today people care less about clothes and more about stories behind the clothes. They buy what they feel connected to. That’s the reason why styling and brand image are so important right now, because they help people getting into your world and to share your personal vision of fashion.
Do you think that the distinction between menswear and womenswear will disappear one day?

I grew up without this distinction. I live every day of my life without this distinction. I’m happy now fashion actually recognizes genderless. Yet I think we should continue to trivialize genderless fashion until it becomes easy for everyone.


Is there still a “statement body” in fashion? And do you think is important today for fashion to promote a more conscious approach to the body and self?
I don’t choose who wear my clothes. I think everyone can wear what he/she wants. I also don’t have an ideal body in mind, when I design clothes. Fashion has always been a very influential industry for what concerns the way people feel about themselves and their bodies. So now it is very important to make everyone feel like fashion is not only made for certain kind of people or bodies. I think this is the real innovation that the new generation of designers is bringing into fashion. We want fashion to be more close to what we live every day.


What should fashion do to pursue this goal?
It all have to start from us, the designers. We have to show a more human fashion. Fashion is for everyone. There is plenty of different ways to make this happen. For example we (Elena and me) don’t do castings. We never take models from the agencies and we prefer to use friends and people really close to us. I don’t want to be part of a business that promotes a wrong idea of the body and sells that wrong idea to girls and women.




Why do you think young designers are important for fashion industry?

They are very important because they bring the new. They bring the change that fashion needs. Yet it is difficult for a young creative to make his/her way to be noticed. Young people also usually don’t have much means, but when your ideas are strong you become capable of making the impossible possible. We are a good example of what can be made when you believe in yourself.


What’s the best advice you could give to someone who Just started designing clothes?

I don’t like to give advices, it is not my role. I’m not a teacher. But there is one thing I can say: if you can, start to never regret.