This season 8IGB community clothing takes you to a whimsical Japan, from Ginza’s offices to the urban style of Shinjuku; in a frozen in time atmosphere inspired by the photos of Lars Tunbjörk mixed with an anxiety-inducing feeling that we could find in the movie “Tokyo Decadence” or in the novel “Stupeur et tremblement”. 8IGB offers silhouettes based on the “coordinated” as a kind of city uniform subtly inspired by certain Japanese clothes. We can perceive the JINBEI inspiration on the shirts lacing, the classic uniform of Japanese schoolgirls transformed into sweaters for the occasion, or even the nikkapokka work pants… in short, all these classic uniforms of everyday life that we find so well immortalized in K-NARF’s HATARAKIMONO work. In this collection, 8IGB explores even more in-depth the multiple wearabilities of its pieces; double-side pull-on sweatshirts and t-shirts; jackets, shirts and pants with detachable sleeves and legs.