German producer and techno artist Max Kobosil, founder of the 44 LABEL GROUP brand, continues to exploit all the experiences that the nightlife world has given him over the years and uses them in the process of creating the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, recently unveiled in Milan.

For this season, the 44 LABEL GROUP team decided to pack their bags and go on tour around the world to examine life on the road and the lifestyle of musicians, regardless of their gender. After this trip, they came to the conclusion that many of them wear utilitarian clothing, so Kobosil and the rest set to work to produce garments in this style and then take them to the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week. On the runway, abstract versions of the work uniforms of roadies, engineers, gaffer boys, and technicians could be seen. All these workers wear crumpled bombers or corrosive work jackets combined (sometimes) with hedonistic printed bowling shirts and tulle leggings and delicate transparent capes contrasted with oversized workwear silhouettes.

Naturally, the line also includes hoodies, perfect for a Berlin rave and partying to the sound of a good DJ, and T-shirts, printed with cigarette prints (created from the brand’s logo) or taken from flyers or found backstage. And if there’s one thing a musician’s wardrobe can’t be without, it’s the crumpled effect of a piece of clothing worn during an endless night of music, or the worn or dirty effect that travelling from one place to another gives to clothes.

Max knows the industry well and he knows what he’s doing, and he’s aware that nowadays, no matter how much cool clothes you wear, if you don’t complement them with the right accessories and footwear, the look falls apart. That’s why this season he has decided to explore new territory and reimagine the “SYMBIONT 2” trainer, characterised by its robust silhouette and distinguished by its cage design, EVA midsole, and contrasting colours. To ensure that this shoe model does not feel alone, a new model has been created under the name “AVRIL”, featuring the 44 logos on the toe cap, reflective trims for increased visibility, and a contrasting rubber outsole.

The range is completed by a tote bag made of cotton gabardine fabric that resembles concrete, while the inflatable airbag takes on a robust shape and the “Modular” sunglasses with interchangeable frames.

Check out the 44 LABEL GROUP Spring/Summer 2024 collection below: