3.PARADIS starts the week in a great way by announcing the launch of its Spring/Summer 2024 collection through a video directed by Holy Magury and a portfolio of images shot by Axel Jozeph.

The project is titled “Journey Of Dreams” and describes the beautiful journey into the world of dreams, related to the power of designing a life that one loves, seen from a free and clear perspective. The story begins in a bus, where different moments and sensations are experienced, such as the panic or nervousness of the rest of the people inside the bus, when they see the amount of white doves that suddenly appear, perfectly matching the blue sky tone of the main character’s suit.


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We won’t tell you more, because it’s better if you see it for yourself. Do it and let’s see what you feel. The 3.PARADIS Spring/Summer 2024 collection is now available on its website and at selected retailers worldwide.


Photos by Axel Jozeph.