3.Paradis recently unveiled its Fall/Winter 22 campaign for the “A Little Flower” collection, which was presented last March and had self-evolution as its main theme.

Comparing the collection to a flower, Emeric Tchatchoua (creative director of the brand) said that one can blossom into an expanded and newer version of oneself. Everything points to the fact that this is precisely what has happened with the Canadian-based company, as its management has expanded with the aim of exalting unity and individualism with the campaign.

The collections, and now also the campaigns, are going in the same direction, i.e. both are being endowed with a deeper social meaning, such as soul searching or personal growth.

The protagonists of the campaign, with the permission of the models, are none other than the dove symbol (trademark of the house) and the long crimson red coat combined with a veil. Some pieces from the collection are already available on the brand’s website.

Check out the 3.Paradis FW22 campaign below and enjoy the strength, individualism, and unity of the images: