SS18 explores street art, taking WOOYOUNGMI’s romantic lifestyle into the real and active world of the skater.

Watching Lords of Dogtown, the biopic of a group of ferocious young L.A. skaters known as the Z-Boys, Mme Woo & Katie Chung were captivated by the gritty lifestyle and attitude, a stark contrast to the romantic and sophisticated universe of WOOYOUNGMI. The surfboard shop where the team came together was the first place to combine art with boards, pulling graphics from local graffiti. Art being so closely bound with real life appealed to the duo. Looking further at the relationship between street art and skaters they were drawn to pro-skaters Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero and their lifestyles, a free-spirited mix of skating and art.

The elegant WOOYOUNGMI man is glimpsed in relaxed, undone tailoring. Utilitarian cargo pants combined with field jackets or over-sized suit jackets are a non-conformist take on tailoring, in virgin wools or soft cotton twills with E-stitch embroidery. A photo of renowned skater Tony Hawk riding his board in a tailored suit stuck with the designers, visualising an urban skate scene of unbuttoned collars and loosened neckties, with a technical parka thrown on top. The WOOYOUNGMI logo is a feature of the season, stamped across the sole of skate-style footwear, pulled up sport socks, tee shirts and knits.