Le Fix presents “Triviality”, a new collection for Fall/Winter 2017. 

“With Copenhagen always under our skin, we’ve ventured out and searched for inspiration where we normally don’t. To escape the never-ending hamster wheel and hunt for insights and fresh perspective in different cultures based on shared values. Fresh out of this churning, infinite loop, we are now standing on the outside looking in. As the true outsiders we feel like. Looking at what has already been done, in order to not repeat. And to conquer the fear of going nowhere before it conquers us. Last stop before triviality. What we have learned from our travels, encounters and conversations has gone into this collection. Shot on location in the backyard of Copenhagen, paired with original paint-splattered art. The collection ties the knot between our cultural heritage and all the parts unknown. We bridge the gap and combine our love for art and sport, this time through a modern take on classic silhouettes, materials and colors. We stray from the familiar and well known, but we never abandon it.”