L’HOMME ROUGE started as an undefined project, a gathering of people with a confluent passion for design, society and art. Over time, unwrapping from it’s cocoon the project transcended into having a deeper purpose. L’HOMME ROUGE, the red man, is a reminder to live life and do so to the fullest. In order to truly capture the persons and spirits who share this mutual “red” way of life L’HOMME ROUGE decided to team up with the piercing visual eyes of C F A projects. The collaboration for FW16/SS17 was divided into three different approaches. One street casted street posting campaign, one runway show during Stockholm Fashion week and one series of videos to sum things up shot by Henrik Hanson. These videos are the grand final of a grasping collaboration between Stockholm artists of a spectacular variation and shapes.

L’HOMME ROUGE / 001 is the introduction video that will overbridge the following series of shorter fragments focusing on the characters of this collaboration.

Director: Henrik Hanson
Creative Direction: C F A projects
Styling: Studio Marcus Söder
Production: A Production
Casting: Sydney Bowen
Grade: Nicke Jacobsson
Models: Fanny, Axel, Klas, Nelly