With this collection and re-branding from Schattenspiel to Shadowplay, the designer wanted to reimagine the luxury fashion climate by questioning the pre-existing systems of the creative industry and society as a whole.

Developed by means of systematic principles rather than creativity alone, our first collection explores the notions of purity and possession.”

The clothes based on a two-pattern modular system embody an unprecedented democratic conception of fashion by being fully adjustable and customizable according to each customer’s needs. More precisely, by adding or removing sleeves or vertical length one can create the full variety and diversity found in traditional garments.

Shadowplay also rejects the idea that a fashion house has to come out with a new collection every season. Instead, they want to celebrate and reinforce the existing, aiming to create a slowly growing but long-lasting fashion brand.

The title of their collection “Fragment of a (w)hole” implies metaphorically and literally that the clothes do not claim to be everything at once. Rather modestly, they aspire to make a small contribution to the pre-existing system.

Our clothes shall serve as a resolution to fashion’s inherent conflict between consumerism and responsibility and thereby carry the potential as a catalyst for change.”

Photos: Iouri Podladtchikov @iouripodladtchikov