Reebok Creative Hub brings together artists from various disciplines to create and produce a music video.

Singer and producer BFlecha, filmmaker Tomás Peña, art director Elena Gallén and fashion designer Krizia Robustella are working together as a team for two months to create and produce a music video for a version of the 80s hit La ciudad en movimiento (City in Motion) by the legendary band Aviador Dro. A Reebok Creative Hub homage to cities that recognizes them as an essential source of inspiration and incubators of original ideas that drive young artists.

After the first few weeks of teamwork, the pieces of this audiovisual project are starting to fall into place. “Although we’re from different generations, I have a lot in common with Aviador Dro. I wanted to capture and respect the essence of their original but also update it and adapt it to my style,” BFlecha explains. As a singer and producer, she gets inspiration from technology, science and literature, “areas of overlap with Aviador Dro that I’ve used to start working on the song and developing it.”

With the track almost ready, the visual side to the project is now starting to take shape. “The style of the music video draws on references like Bauhaus-inspired men-buildings and women-skyscrapers and the world of the Beaux Arts Ball. Based on these ideas, I’ve been working with visual artist David Méndez Alonso on a style full of geometrical shapes in white, black and mottled grey, very much in the same line as my winter 2014/15 collection,” says designer Krizia Robustella.

Classic styles and a somewhat futuristic, melancholic air feature heavily in this project. It’s a tribute to urban culture, fashion and the GL 6000, the classic sneakers that revolutionized the streets in the 80s, now in the hands of contemporary artists. For Tomás Peña, who is in charge of the production of the video, “the expressionist aesthetics in classic films like The Cabinet of Dr Caligari and Metropolis, where the blacks and whites set the scene just as much as the outfits do, could work really well in this project when you mix in some pop references by contemporary directors.”

Without a doubt, the sum of these different creative visions, disciplines and references creates lots of different paths and possible results for the project. “The group synergies are very stimulating, and although combining professionals from different disciplines means putting a team together, these team members have profiles that fit perfectly,” says Elena Gallén, art director for the video. “Tomás, Belén, Krizia and I have worked together before. We all admire one another’s work and we share the same ideas and imagination, so it’s not hard to define a common line for the project,” she adds.

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