This Winter Nicola Formichetti, artistic director of DIESEL, has found a way to help us all fight ugly wool sweaters.

Every year, as soon as Winter Holidays approach, homes all around the world are invaded by Ugly Wool Sweaters: once an ironic tradition, these sweaters quickly lost their funny touch and became plain boring. That’s why a brand as unconventional as Diesel can’t sit back and watch while cool Winter fashion is set aside.

To fuel a global revolt against Ugly Wool Sweaters, for its FW17/SS18 collection Diesel asked for the help of the highest authority in terms of warm, soft wool. After all, who better than a sheep could help you say no to uncool wool?

A Cool Diesel Sheep, dressed with leather jacket and denim, will be the brand’s ambassador for its new Winter Holidays Global Campaign, “Say No To Uncool Wool”. Irreverent and colorful sheep mannequins, dressed with clothes tailored to perfection on their odd shapes and sizes, will pop up in Diesel Stores all around the globe while a set of videos and behind the scenes will be released on the digital sphere.

So watch out, Ugly Wool Sweaters lovers! More at