Pierre Cardin – 080 Barcelona Fashion

29 JanBarcelona. Collection

Guasch – 080 Barcelona Fashion

Over the last ten years, Guasch has included in its catalogue pajamas for men and women, masculine underwear, and linens for home and bath under Josep Abril’s art direction.


Punto Blanco – 080 Barcelona Fashion

A high-end Spanish hosiery manufacturer founded in 1948, Punto Blanco Underwear at 080 Barcelnoa Fashion.

28 JanBarcelona. Collection

Manuel Bolaño Fall/Winter 2012

Entitled “A milion of promises, a milion of Scars”, the fall/winter 2012 collection by Manuel Bolaño. Since 2008, he shows in the 080 Barcelona Fashion and he has been the winner of the best women’s collection twice.

Krizia Robustella Fall/Winter 2012

Self-defined as “Sport Deluxe”. Krizia Robustella takes as a reference sportwear from the past to creates her own universe where comfort merges with luxury and luxury moves into shapes and fabrics that were previously reserved for formal occasions. Krizia Robustella… »

Yiorgos Eleftheriades Fall/Winter 2012

Yiorgos Eleftheriades Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, demonstrates a return to the values of elegance which combined with a contemporary aesthetic approach create a new “radical“ chic.

Luis Manteiga Fall/Winter 2012

What if the universe that we contemplate was just a hologram? The Fall/Winter 2012 collection by Luis Manteiga featured beautiful details and materials, and great shoes by Natalio Martín.

MANGO Fall/Winter 2012

Sebastian Sauvé and Clement Chabernaud among others, today in the last MANGO runway at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Der Metropol Fall/Winter 2012

Collection was created as homage to one of the designer’s closest friends, deceased in August, 2011. The Fall/Winter 2012 collection by DER METROPOL discusses the impact of the absence which is created by death, be it physical or an analogy… »


BRAIN & BEAST Fall/Winter 2012

BRAIN & BEAST offers a personal point of view concerning today’s clothing for men and women. High quality and personality have always been his slogans, working for real people living in a real world.

Alexis Reyna Fall/Winter 2012

Josep Abril Fall/Winter 2012

Josep Abril for Fall/Winter 2012 at 080 Barcelona Fashion. “After 15 years I want to observe the work done”.

Karlotalaspalas Fall/Winter 2012

The revelation emerges from our deepest sense. It is the manifestation of faith in our desires and hopes. It is the sign that we were waiting for changing our lifes. ‘Disclosure’ is the fall/winter collection by Karlotalaspalas. She… »

080 Barcelona Fashion Fall/Winter 2012

080 Barcelona Fashion aims to turn Barcelona and Catalonia into a benchmark for creativity, innovation and both design generation and projection in the fashion industry, in the broadest sense of the word.

Here is the amazing schedule… »

10 JanBarcelona

Krizia Robustella Spring/Summer 2012


Manuel Bolaño Spring/Summer 2012

Manuel Bolaño, ganador del premio a mejor colección femenina en el 080 Barcelona Fashion Spring/Summer 2012 con “¿Cómo reparar un corazón roto?

OMAR KASHOURA Spring/Summer 2012

Karlotalaspalas Spring/Summer 2012

Karlotalaspalas, ganadora del premio a mejor colección masculina en el 080 Barcelona Fashion Spring/Summer 2012.

EHUD Spring/Summer 2012

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