If you were at Sonar, you may remember some things more than us. You already know, party. But if something we can’t forget about this 25th anniversary of the Sonar Festival (in addition to the performances of Sophie, Rosalía and Gorillaz) it has been the brand space of ASICSTIGER inspired by the Japan of the nineties or Akihabara, the electronic neighborhood and the arcade mecca in Tokyo.

The brand installed two fun and original Arcade machines, as well as a version of the famous “hook” machine with which attendees could get original brand gadgets. And a lot of friends came with their glowing GEL ™ SAGA OG, you can judge yourself in the images below:

Andrea Vandall and Karina Kolokolchykova

Paula Caryatides

Gerard Estadella @Icanteachyou

Nuria Val