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Janis Ancens by David Needleman

Janis Ancens shot by David Needleman and styled by John Tan, for the July 2015 issue of Sportswear International.

15 JulEditorial

Janis Ancens by Emilio Tini

Janis Ancens captured by the lens of Emilio Tini and styled by Emil Rebek, for the latest issue of Un-Titled Project.

4 DecEditorial

Janis Ancens by Alessandro Dal Buoni

Janis Ancens at L’Uomo Elite photographed by Alessandro Dal Buoni and styled by Matteo Greco for the Fall/Winter 2014 coverstory of The Greatest magazine.

5 OctEditorial

Janis Ancens by Emilio Tini

Janis Ancens shot by Emilio Tini and styled by Emil Rebek, for the latest issue of The Room magazine.

1 MayEditorial

Janis Ancens by Jacob Sutton

Janis Ancens captured by Jacob Sutton and styled by Jean Michel Clerc with pieces from Kenzo, Dior Homme, Wooyoungmi, Louis Vuitton and more, for the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Numéro Homme.

6 OctEditorial

Janis Ancens by Francesco Brigida

Janis Ancens captured by Francesco Brigida in black & white, and outfitted by Elisa Snastasino for the second issue of The Greatest.

5 DecEditorial

The Model: JANIS

Janis Ancens photographed by Lachlan Bailey and styled by Tory Irvine for the cover story of 10Men‘s Fall/Winter 2012 issue.

15 NovEditorial

Theory Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign

Photographer Erik Torstensson captured the Fall/Winter 2017 campaign of Theory, which features Xavier Buestel, Valentine Rontez, and Janis Ancens.

5 AugCampaigns. Fall/Winter

On The Up And Up

Janis Ancens shot by Brent Chua and styled by Eric McNeal, for the latest issue of Manifesto magazine.

14 JulEditorial

The Way It Falls

Janis Ancens shot by Kevin Sinclair and styled by Andrew Holden, for the latest issue of Essential Homme magazine.

12 JulEditorial

Accidental Vocation

Aiden Shaw, Benjamin Benedek, Bram Valbracht, Branden Wright, Edward Harrington, Janis Ancens, Jacob Mark Hankin, Lorenzo Politi, Lucas Sendersky, Piero Mendez, Rhys Pickering and Ryan Tift, photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Miguel Arnau, for… »

1 MayEditorial

Ermenegildo Zegna Spring/Summer 2015 Catalogue

Janis Ancens and Paolo Anchisi appear in the Spring/Summer 2015 catalogue of Ermenegildo Zegna.

The Places You’ll Go

Felix Gesnouin and Janis Ancens captured by Nicholas Prakas and styled by Matthew Marden, for the April issue of Details magazine.

28 MarEditorial

Bottega Veneta Cruise 2015 Campaign

Model Janis Ancens fronts the Cruise 2014/2015 campaign of Bottega Veneta, captured by the lens of Ryan McGinley.

22 DecCampaigns


Arthur Gosse, Bastiaan Ninaber, Clement Chabernaud, Erik Fallberg, Erik Van Gils, Janis Ancens, Jarrod Scott, Matthew Bell, Michael Lange, Nicolas Ripoll, Otto Lotz and Rutger Schoone captured by the lens of Pablo Arroyo and styled with a FW14… »

23 OctEditorial

F.Y. Loves

I just love it.


The Nano 8 is the eighth iteration of the first ever CrossFit shoe and is the first version to include Reebok’s new revolutionary Flexweavetechnology, engineered for the athlete who’s always training.

13 Jan

The Greatest #6 Cover

Janis Ancens at L’Uomo Elite cover “The Balance” issue of The Greatest magazine, shot by Alessandro Dal Buoni and styled by Matteo Greco.

4 OctMagazines


Ben Allen, Florian Van Bael, Jacob Morton, Janis Ancens, Jarrod Scott, Jester White, Sebastian Ahman and Ton Heukels photographed by Emilio Tini and styled by Giacomo Simoni, for the sixth issue of unFLOP magazine.

1 AugEditorial

Valentino Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

Valentino unveiled its Fall/Winter 2014 campaign, featuring models Arthur Gosse, George Barnett, Janis Ancens, Nicolas Ripoll and Tommaso de Benedictis photographed by David Bailey.

16 JulCampaigns. Fall/Winter

Gucci Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

Arthur Gosse, Clement Chabernaud, Janis Ancens and Xavier Buestel front the Fall/Winter 2014 campaign of Gucci, photographed by Mert & Marcus.

4 JulCampaigns. Fall/Winter

Higher Learning

Abel Van Oeveren, Duncan Proctol and Janis Ancens snapped by Sharif Hamza and styled by Tom Van Thorpe, for the issue #31 of VMan magazine.

14 JunEditorial
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