Sónar Lisboa continues to deepen its ties with the city, now a permanent fixture in the festival’s yearly schedule.

Nestled within the carefully nurtured greenery of Estufa Fria, a journey through post-naturalism awaits. The local collective ZABRA, led by João Pedro Fonseca and Carincur, unveils ‘LIMBIC LANDMARKS’. This installation is a sanctuary where technology and flora coexist, inspired by the limbic system—the brain’s emotional center.

The installation is a testament to the power of emotional geography, a concept that suggests our surroundings influence our feelings and behaviors as much as the physical landscape does. ‘LIMBIC LANDMARKS’ invites attendees to navigate through a post-naturalist space, where each turn and corner holds a mirror to the psyche, reflecting the shared emotional responses that bond us with every living entity.

Available for exploration across all three days of Sónar Lisboa, ‘LIMBIC LANDMARKS’ promises an immersive experience. Take a moment between performances to engage with this installation. Recharge and prepare to dive back into the festival’s rich lineup, featuring musical talents like Paul Kalkbrenner, Sevdaliza, and the collaborative effort of Tiga & Hudson Mohawke with ‘Love Minus Zero’. Experience the unique sounds of Shygirl’s ‘Club Shy’, Branko, and Oneohtrix Point Never. The beats continue with DJ sets from Bonobo, Eliza Rose, and the collaborative genius of 2manydjs with Eclair Fifi & Erol Alkan. The energy escalates with Helena Hauff b2b IMOGEN, Vanyfox, VHOOR, Nia Archives, and many more.

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