Someone once told me that when they see their favorite artist work with a brand, it kind of ruins it for them. In many ways, fashion does ruin art. Today we hear a lot of the Metaverse, streamlining, innovation, visionary. Sometimes we look so far ahead that we forget what reality looks like. Call Ye what you want, but he has managed to merge the Heaven and Hell music video release as a YEEZY X GAP debut tv commercial for their new hoodie drop on ESPN during the college football national championship. If the goal was brand awareness, my dad now knows.

Last week YEEZY GAP engineered by Balenciaga was announced with their commitment to delivering a utilitarian design for all. The imagery conjured up at the Donda listening parties comes alive in the video with dark visuals and masked individuals amongst the swirl of floating bodies in the sky.

Next month also sees the release of the new Kanye three-part documentary on Netflix. Hoping to see more into the controversy and complications surrounding Kanye than just a three-part commercial. We are now entering a new era of marketing. Everything you will see now will be on sale, augmented, VR, or physical. Like Gen Z not knowing the world without internet, Generation Alpha will not know the world where everything was for sale.