The collaboration between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto continues to redefine sportswear with a new collection that explores the contrast between nature and technology. The Contra-Natural collection, which is the first chapter of Y-3’s Spring/Summer 2024 line, features apparel and footwear that combine organic and synthetic elements to create a unique aesthetic.

The collection showcases Y-3’s signature style of bold shapes, refined details, and innovative materials, all enhanced by a digital floral print that is derived from real flower scans. The print adds a touch of color and texture to the predominantly black, white, and gray palette, as well as to the leather accessories that complement the outfits. The collection also draws inspiration from the phenomenon of oxidation, where metal is transformed by nature into new hues of burgundy and mint.

The footwear range expands on the adidas Originals icons that have been reinterpreted by Yohji Yamamoto, such as the Y-3 STAN SMITH and the Y-3 COUNTRY, which feature collapsable leather uppers and piped accents. The collection also introduces new models, such as the Y-3 GSG9 LOW, a low-top version of the tactical boot, and the Y-3 KYASU SLIP-ON, a slip-on variation of the minimalist sneaker with a primeknit upper.

The Contra-Natural collection is brought to life in a campaign that celebrates the strength and diversity of London’s Bugeisha Club, a group of women and non-binary people with mixed Asian heritage who express themselves through martial arts and creative pursuits. The campaign, shot by Erika Kamano and directed by Francis Plummer, captures the essence of the collection: a balance between grace and power, discipline and freedom, nature and technology.

Check it out below: