Rolf Ekroth is an independent Finnish fashion label that champions utilitarianism, nostalgia and the power of sustainably produced clothes. For Fall Winter 2024/25 the collection “Dear Nigh” takes a narrative towards winter sports. In the context of the arctic darkness of Finland in the 1980s, Ekroth interprets his own recollections of participating in winter sports there. The collection tells a story of athleticism seen from the comforts of home with its finely knit ski jumping suits, leather shorts that resemble ice hockey goalkeepers’ shorts, race bib-inspired bags, and redesigned childhood couches.

Ekroth’s memories of the sofa are interpreted through velvet fabrics, gentle rose designs, and velvet and leather coats with fabric-enclosed buttons that resemble couch ornamentation. Trousers have strap and piping features inspired by domestic furnishings, such as couch cushions used as goalie pads. Bags shaped like cushions honor loving parents who used to wrap their children in giant cushions to protect them from falls on the ice rink. Some pieces, such as a boiled wool skirt and ice hockey shirt with white tufts, evoke memories of playing sports on the playground or walking through a snowstorm.

Check out the collection below:


Photographer: Otto Virtanen
Stylist: Richard Ntege
Muah: Jenny Jansson
Models: Leon Jah, Tommy Eriksson