The collaboration between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto continues to push the limits of creativity and innovation with the launch of the Y-3 S-GENDO RUN, a new sneaker that combines elements from the past and the future. The Y-3 S-GENDO RUN is the successor of the GENDO series, which debuted in 2022 and introduced a radical new vision for footwear.

Inspired by the theme of Contra-Natural, the Y-3 S-GENDO RUN explores the contrast between the organic and the synthetic, creating a unique and striking silhouette. The sneaker features a hollow plate that elevates the shoe and creates a sense of emptiness and depth, inspired by the Japanese concept of ‘Ma’. The plate also adds stability and support to the shoe, while showcasing the innovative design.

The Y-3 S-GENDO RUN is not only a statement of style, but also a testament of performance and comfort. The sneaker incorporates the latest adidas midsole technologies, such as the Lightstrike, which provides cushioning and responsiveness. The upper is made of breathable mesh, suede and leather, offering a sporty and luxurious feel. The outsole is a fusion of old and new, with a floral graphic and a herringbone pattern, reflecting the balance between tradition and modernity.


The Y-3 S-GENDO RUN will be available worldwide on March 12th, at, on CONFIRMED, in-store, and through select retailers.