This season, Xander Zhou introduces “Sciremony,” a blend of science and ceremony. The theme combines ongoing stories and new visions, creating a futuristic masquerade ball with elements of mystery, romance, and a touch of Chinese Gothic.

Zhou’s collection features “ritualistic futurism,” where uniforms merge with mechanical aesthetics, creating a mix of formal attire and technological exploration.

Alongside futuristic formalwear, Zhou explores Transmodern Romanticism. Beneath the metallic exterior of his designs lies a romantic sentiment. While fascinated by technology, Zhou isn’t obsessed with every new gadget. He combines elements from different times and places, creating new, familiar yet elusive images. For example, he brings characters from classical art into a virtual reality enhanced by AI.

Zhou sees the future as an enigma. His designs are imaginative projections of possible scenarios, like research or a movie script with evolving characters and settings. At its core, this work is about staying curious about the future. Zhou believes that our attitudes and choices, not just technology, shape the future.

Check out the collection below: