Wooyoungmi unveiled its Spring/Summer 2022 collection during Paris Fashion Week.

La Belle Époque is now.” Wooyoungmi’s defiant impression is a global overture – a call for light in the evolving aftermath of dark times. The narrative for Spring/Summer 2022 begins with The Man in the Red Coat, Julian Barnes’s recent historical book set during the Belle Époque period in Paris. We discover a contemporary, dandy-esque protagonist, richly attired as he awaits the train to London for a shopping trip. By the end, he has arrived at a mountain summit, dressed in loose layers of well-worn hiking gear. This evocative storyline plays out as a film set against the backdrop of an Art Nouveau train station in surreal XR (Cross Reality). As the quotidian cityscape gradually distorts, our visual perception alters too; and this action builds up to a finale whereby garments assume a radioactive glow.