Certain brands and designers prefer the Brooklyn district to the iconic Manhattan, and this was evident during the latest edition of New York Fashion Week. First, it was Helmut Lang and then Willy Chavarria, who presented, amid red lights and a dining table full of white candles, his Fall/Winter 2024 proposal in a warehouse located near the waterfront.

The set, carefully and lovingly designed, especially for the occasion, consisted not only of the aforementioned elements but also of a huge white cloth that appeared from the ceiling and gradually revealed a screen of corresponding dimensions where a film would later be projected.

“Safe From Harm” is the name of the film in question, closely related to the line that Willy had prepared to show and that represented different states of mind, such as love, pain, frustration, or reconciliation. It ended in the best way ever, giving off joy in abundance and making room for the looks that made up Chavarria’s latest work, which went beyond the screen.

Backstage, the CFDA’s 2023 Designer of the Year winner described the collection as sensitive and real. There are probably those who imagine sensibility in a romantic way, with a colour palette oriented towards pastels, but as far as W.C. is concerned, that is not the case, and that is why he has opened a new chapter in the acceptance of the word “sensitive” and in the fashion industry, an industry that applauded non-stop at the end of the show.

A standing ovation was a foregone conclusion, especially from the moment the perfect long coats in check fabrics characteristic of the British nobility in the countryside, the structured and fitted tailoring combined with open shirts with big collars, the oversize style garments or the sportswear came on the scene. The kinky touch of the looks was offered by the large golden crucifixes with those that were combined, while the Chicano touch was offered by the cowboy hats. These elements do not detract from but add character and personality to the refined offer.

Have a look at the Willy Chavarria Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: