SHOOP SS24 collection, titled “Tokyo”, was inspired by the designers’ perception and experience of the Japanese capital, where they relocated from Madrid.

The collection explores the contrast and harmony between the two cities, both of which are 10,000 kilometres apart. The designers describe Tokyo as a city of grey, black, white and green hues, where simplicity, utility and technology are the key elements of the urban landscape and the clothing style. The collection reflects these aspects through a minimalist and refined aesthetic, using tailoring, technical fabrics, denim and knits.

Check out the campaign images below:

Photo: Dai Yamashiro
Styling: Daichi Hatsuzawa
Hair: Mikio Aizawa
MUA: Kanako Yoshida
Gaffer: Ken Hanafusa
Retouch: Kazuyoshi Nogami
Creative Editor: Tatsuya Yamaguchi
PR: Keitaro Nagasaka (Sakas PR)
Production: CNG
Special Thanks to: NIKE Japan, Foot The Coacher, All Show staff, Gabbi Carter & Mika