Willy Chavarria has been one of the most sought-after designers on the international fashion scene for some time now, and even more so after his triumph at the last edition of the CFDA 2023 awards, where he won the award for best menswear designer of the year. A few days after the big event and after assimilating this success, the designer unveiled his latest collaboration with the urban fashion brand FB County.

The collection that the two have worked on reflects the union between Willy’s design line and the other party’s ironic take on fashion through Chicano street culture. By combining these two elements, they have come up with seven timeless pieces, including Chavarria’s iconic “Charlie Brown” striped polo shirts and wide-pleated trousers. The wide look that predominates in these garments is also used in the work shirts, which are available in various colours.

You can now buy the Willy Chavarria and FB County collection on the designer’s website. Check out the collection below: