For over ten years, Carne Bollente has been known for its unique style that mixes playful embroidery, illustrations, and ’70s-style slogans with comfy clothes. This summer, they’ve teamed up with Zalando to launch a special collection.

The collection takes you back to those carefree beach days, with a touch of nostalgia for old-school dolphin prints and souvenir shops. It’s all about enjoying lazy poolside afternoons and the thrill of summer romance. Carne Bollente says it best: “Indulge in lazy afternoons by the pool, wrapped in resort towels, waiting for the day to pass by. Channel your inner teenager, and embrace the cheeky side of summer love with garments that subtly hint at flirtation and mischief, perfect for those who dare to be bold.”

You’ll find all the usual summer wear here, from tank tops and sweaters to shorts and caps, in chill colors like white, beige, blue, and green. Some cool items include tees with funny sayings like ‘See you at 5:00 by the neon palm tree. You’ll recognize me cutie because I’m sexy!’ Jorts with heart prints on the pockets, beach towels with dolphin prints, and a denim tote bag with ‘SEX’ in shiny rhinestones are also part of the mix.

Check out the collection below:

Carne Bollente’s new collection is a nod to those unforgettable summer vibes, full of quirky souvenirs and hot romance. Check it out at Carne Hotel’s exclusive line on Zalando and Carne Bollente E-shops.

Photography: Kito Munoz @kito.munoz
Art Direction: John-Yonatan Jacoby @itsjyj
Creative Strategy: Max Grob @maximill14n
Styling: Stephanie Woods @stefswoods
Styling Operations: Nicole Weber @nikiweber
Story: Julia Carevic @juliacarevic
Set Design: Tamara Pérez @sweetamarindo
Hair & MU: Manuela Pane @manuelapane
Hair & MU: Xisca Heba @xiscaheba
Casting Director: Cameron Nedrick @camerondavid__
Retouch: Claudio Rossi @rossi.cld
Light: Andres Paduano @andrepaduano
Digital: Quique Escandell @enriqueescandell
Creative Production: Paulina Kleingarn @paulinaortu
Creative Production: Andrei Zach @andreizach
Production: Barrio Productions @barrio_productions
Producer: Chris Jenkin @chris_jenkin
Production Manager: Meri Tuñi @meri.tuni
Production Coordinator: Raquel Pla @rabcn
Executive Producer: Virginia Hernandez @_virhernandez
Project Manager: Katya Linnik @katya_linnik_