Saiko has just been added to the BERSHKA MUSIC project. It’s a big deal because BERSHKA is known for its cool approach to combining fashion, culture, and music. They’re planning to release a remix of one of Saiko’s most popular songs on Spotify Spain, but this time it’ll be an exclusive first on TikTok.

Saiko’s got a story that’s pretty inspiring. He started out in Granada, Spain, back in 2002, and he’s been passionate about music ever since. When he was just 14, he kicked off his career and quickly made a name for himself with his song “Polaris” in 2022. That track was a hit and even got him to open for Feid’s tour in the US. The remix of “Polaris” with Quevedo, Feid, and Mora was a massive success, racking up over 250 million views and landing him on the international charts.

Then came “Supernova,” which hit number one on Spotify Spain. Saiko didn’t stop there; he’s worked with big names like Yandel, Myke Towers, and Ozuna. His concerts in Madrid, Barcelona, and Granada were packed to the brim. With 25 platinum records and his album “Sakura,” he’s now the most listened-to artist in Spain.

So, with Saiko joining BERSHKA MUSIC, it looks like we’re in for some exciting new tunes!