WE11DONE blurs the lines between art and fashion with its latest offering for Spring/Summer 2024, aptly named “Remnants of Home.” In a tribute to the visionary artist Do Ho Suh, known for his transformative memorials, the collection draws inspiration from his architectural creations, creating a unique fusion of sculpture and clothing.

This collection lives at the intersection of the tangible and ephemeral. Textures and structures bear uncanny resemblances to the past, translating memories into wearable art. It mirrors Suh’s use of fabric to make memory tangible—a garment carries the essence of an object, much like the silhouette of a forgotten detail etched into it. Belt buckles transform into intricate, off-kilter jewelry, paper-like materials become precision-cut ensembles, and lace-trimmed edges evoke the mood of a beloved negligée.

As WE11DONE returns to Seoul, it ventures into uncharted territory where the familiar takes on a fantastical twist. It’s a mysterious waltz where memories intertwine with the enigmatic, reminding us that there’s truly no place like home.

Check out the collection below: