Since 2020, the dynamic partnership between WE ARE SPASTOR and Tom of Finland’s Foundation has brought forth three unique collaborations inspired by the artist’s beautiful works. Now, for their fourth venture, they draw inspiration from an iconic 1982 sketch, igniting a fresh collection that is truly remarkable.

In this collection, WE ARE SPASTOR unveils a celebration of the male form, intertwining striking graphic elements with the timeless black & white essence of Tom of Finland’s illustrations. Blending elements of ready-to-wear and accessories, this wardrobe showcases a vibrant spectrum of summer-inspired tones and hues.

Tom of Finland’s artistic legacy has fearlessly challenged societal norms and elevated the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community. With a generous commitment, proceeds from this collaboration will be donated to the Tom of Finland Foundation, ensuring the preservation of the artist’s archive and profound influence. This partnership further solidifies WE ARE SPASTOR’s dedication as a supportive LGBTQ+ brand.

Through this collaboration, WE ARE SPASTOR cements its position as a brand that embraces the present and future, capturing the attention of the public and redefining traditional notions of masculinity.

Check out the collaboration below: