We Are Spastor has launched its new collection: RE-ED.01. This limited edition is the result of a creative process that revisits the past, reflects on the present and projects into the future.

The collection is inspired by the analysis and research of textures and looks from previous archives, creating a dialogue between the brand’s history and vision. The collection reinterprets iconic elements and unique details that characterize We Are Spastor, such as fluid layers, scarves, enveloping bodies, holes, fringes, and raw and primary colors. The collection also includes a series of accessories that enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of each garment.

The designers have improved the quality and the silhouette of the tailored garments from previous collections, playing with volumes and proportions. The collection features a palette of colors that ranges from black, black and white, to navy blue, creating a contrast between light and shadow.

The collection is made with sustainable materials, such as surplus fabrics and threads, lyocell and organic cottons. The brand also maintains its collaboration with its button supplier, a glass factory that has been operating in Bavaria since 1929. The production of the garments is done locally, in the vicinity of Barcelona, following a policy of social responsibility.