RANRA has teamed up with Salomon for their third collaboration. The result is the SKOR, a shoe that combines innovation, sustainability, and versatility.

The SKOR is part of Salomon’s INDEX initiative, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of footwear by using recyclable materials and processes. The shoe consists of two detachable parts: a leather gaiter that covers the ankle and a TPU bottom shoe that is lightweight and durable. The gaiter can be removed or attached using a quick-release system, allowing the user to adapt the shoe to different weather conditions and seasons. The gaiter also protects the bottom shoe from dirt and wear, extending its lifespan.

When the shoe reaches its end-of-life, the user can easily separate the two parts and recycle them according to their material composition. The leather gaiter can be composted or upcycled, while the TPU bottom shoe can be returned to Salomon for recycling. This way, the shoe minimizes waste and contributes to a circular economy.

The campaign imagines the shoe as a museum specimen, photographed using an archiving rig that is typically used for documenting plants, fossils, and insects. The images show the shoe alongside various natural and historical artifacts, creating a contrast and a connection between them. The campaign challenges the viewer to question the role and impact of human-made objects in the natural world, and to rethink their consumption habits.

Check it out below:


The shoe will be available on February 27th on salomon.com, ranra.co.uk and selected retail partners.