After wrapping up 2016 by popping on numerous year-end lists from the likes of Rolling Stone, Remezcla, andKEXP, Venezuelan artist Algodón Egipcio now readies “El Ciclo del Agua” (“TheWater Cycle”,) the third single off his sophomore album La Confianza Ciega.

On “El Ciclo del Agua,” the producer adds elements from shoegaze and hip-hop to his peculiar brand of eccentric electronic pop music, creating a journey crafted to emote with its textures and dynamics. He does so while linking through metaphors the biogeochemical process with crying as a source of renovation and purification for human beings.

The single is accompanied by a music video done in Barcelona, Spain, by director Jordi Estrada. The visuals present two young men going through a phase of discovery, serving as a window to a friendship that sometimes is tender, others violent;where submission and addiction intertwine, as well as fear and hope. In his own words, he and his teamportrayed a “hedonistic fantasy in their little corner of intimacy, where we explore the idealization of masculinity, platonic desire and self-destruction’s subliming freedom.”

In the context of the current conservative wave that blankets the globe, Estrada, under the banner of Protagoras’ principle of “man is the measure of all things,” searches for his individual truth, which doesn’t necessarily aligns with Western heteronormativity