“I was a punk before it got its name”. The great dame of British fashion and founder of the company that bears her name, Vivienne Westwood, told this to the newspaper The Independent back in 1988. The punk style was born in London and by her own hand, that is an indisputable fact. Therefore, to pay tribute to both the figure of the designer and the style in question, the brand has decided to focus on the spirit of both to create its latest collection, adapting it to the new times and adding the necessary contemporary touch.

Fall/Winter 2023 by V.W., far from being presented in a show, was unveiled in a lookbook format, in which we can notice the traditional silhouettes that predominate in the looks and the playful graphics that accompany them and appear in many of the garments. These prints, along with others in the form of plaid, tartan, or stripes, are complemented by a colour palette that is typical of the season, but which sometimes breaks up and adds intensity to the pieces with green and red.

The latter is one of the most recurring colours in the line, as it appears on several of the clothes, such as shirts, jumpers, skirts, trousers, bags, and even socks. All of these items represent punk style perfectly, and some of them in particular tell a story related to the evolution of British fashion towards a more modern or contemporary point of view; see for example the trench coat printed with the house’s logo superimposed on the skyline of the British capital.

What would punk style be without the presence of designer Vivienne Westwood? We can’t even imagine. The only thing we can say is that her husband Andreas Kronthaler understands fashion in a very similar way to her and is successfully running the creative direction of the brand.

Check out the Fall/Winter 2023 collection below: