Since designer Demna Gvasalia announced his departure of Vetements back in September having stated ‘I have accomplished my mission’, many people have been speculating the future of the brand. Its easy to forget that Vetements co-founded by Gvasalia started as an anonymous collective. In this realm, it has the potential to always have a place not only as a revolving door for young talent to pass through but it has developed its own brand DNA for essentials in provocative cuts. Its as though the concept and cuts had to be set in the initial foundation laid by Gvasalia. So the real question, is if the brand can stay as a communicative tool and as a mirror of today?

For Fall/Winter 2020 during Paris Fashion Week set at pitch-black garage (making the show sustainable), we were told that in order to see the show we would need to use our phone lights guiding us through a fast pace of Vetements staples from flame boots, upside down tailoring to a “GVASALIA FOR PRESIDENT” hat on celebrity doppelgangers from Mike Tyson to Snoop Dog. As we enter the new decade, the brand made the statement that it’s the ‘new decade of sophistication’. What that means is really up to the public to decide. Is new sophistication no social media? Sustainability? No bull-shit? Is fashion ready to give up on the aspirational lifestyle from the socialites, hypebeasts to the nihilists? Its time to stop listening to editors and buyers, and judge for yourself the #newvetements , after all, only you dress yourself.