Vallechi‘s latest single, ‘Liberdade,’ ignites a captivating testament to the timeless pursuit of freedom. With its infectious hooks and dynamic tempo, the track encapsulates the notion that freedom is an unceasing odyssey, demanding unwavering commitment and steadfast guardianship. In an cool collaboration, Vallechi joins forces with the artist Confeere, crafting a visually stunning video.

Sound artist Vallechi, also known as Tiago Nicholas Vallechi, constructs a sonic expedition that delves deep into the recesses of our innermost selves, awakening a profound sense of self-discovery and melancholic introspection. Driven by a profound desire to initiate positive transformation in the world and to guide us in understanding our intrinsic place within it, his artistry becomes a catalyst for profound change and self-connection.

Photos: Antonio Eugenio @mrantonioeugenio