VALLECHI drops his latest track, “Perception,” straight from the EP “HOLD” – a cosmic journey that defies reality itself. In a world where each one of us crafts our own unique reality through the kaleidoscope of perception, Vallechi’s sonic piece serves up a thought-provoking reminder of the subjectivity of our experiences. It’s an immersive groove with introspective harmonies that beckons you to dive deep and question the illusions you’ve woven while moving to the rhythm.

“Perception” isn’t just a track; it’s an invitation to explore the blurred lines between truth and illusion, urging you to shatter the confines of your own perspective. Through these beats, Vallechi sparks a fire of introspection within you, nudging you to embrace the richness of different realities.

“HOLD” is an odyssey that delves fearlessly into the human experience, tackling themes of resilience, traumas, and liberation. And “Perception” stands tall as the climax of this transformative adventure. Vallechi leaves no stone unturned, inviting you to embark on a personal voyage of self-discovery.

Listen to “Perception” below: