Valentino is set to redefine menswear with a groundbreaking event. Breaking away from its co-ed format of the past few years, Maison Valentino is proud to present Valentino The Narratives Menswear show on June 16th, 2023, at the prestigious Università degli Studi di Milano Statale in Milan.

Jacob Elordi

In its ongoing commitment to supporting local communities and fostering the growth of new talents, Maison Valentino has chosen to collaborate with institutions and universities, nurturing artistic creativity and offering cultural learning opportunities. Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s decision to showcase the menswear collection on the opening day of Milano Fashion Week, amidst the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling university campus, reflects the brand’s dedication to engaging with young minds. By inviting students to experience the show live at the Statale di Milano, Maison Valentino aims to provide an immersive journey into its world of excellence, savoir-faire, attention to detail, and innovative spirit, all in the hope of inspiring the next generation and fostering a creative exchange.

The selection of Milan as the backdrop for this artistic endeavor goes beyond mere geography; it is a profound connection to the city’s soul. Milan, pulsating with underground energy and at the forefront of contemporary art and cultural movements, holds the key to both history and innovation. It was in this very city, back in January 1985, that Mr. Valentino Garavani presented his very first menswear show, forever elevating the category and intertwining the nascent codes of Valentino menswear with Milan’s essence. With this historical significance in mind, Pierpaolo Piccioli aims to redefine and reimagine menswear, pushing the boundaries of the male wardrobe towards a more contemporary direction while paying homage to the brand’s roots.

Pedro Pascal

In this season’s momentous move, Maison Valentino has chosen to elevate menswear into a singularly powerful spotlight. While menswear will continue to intertwine with womenswear, it will now take center stage, symbolizing Piccioli’s reinterpretation of masculine codes and the growing significance of the category within the Maison, under the guidance of CEO Jacopo Venturini.

The importance of Valentino menswear has been steadily growing over the seasons. The Unboxing Valentino collection introduced Maison Valentino Essentials, a selection of indispensable menswear staples that challenge traditional rules and limitations, pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion even further. With the creative force of the Maison behind him, Pierpaolo Piccioli will build upon these foundational pieces, expanding the horizons of formalwear and reimagining its possibilities.


The highly anticipated Valentino The Narratives Menswear show will be an integral part of Milan Fashion Week, with a live stream accessible to fashion enthusiasts worldwide via and the Maison’s social media channels. Prepare to witness the reinvention of menswear, the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, and the enduring legacy of Valentino.