In 2021, Hugues Fauchard and Rémi Bats of UNIFORME were doubly gratified for their commitment and ethos of “conscious minimalism”: in June, the young men’s wear brand was named a finalist for ANDAM’s Pierre Bergé prize, and in July it returned to Florence, Italy, as a special guest for the “Sustainable Style” initiative at Pitti n°100.

And because UNIFORME was built, literally, on a dream, the duo was inspired to use their Spring/Summer 2022 collection as a platform to react to recent events on the French political scene, when a member of the Ecologist party stated that “air travel should no longer be a childhood dream.”

Holding onto the capacity for dreaming is essential for us,” the duo explains. “With this collection, we wanted to say that you can dream of fashion, flying, or anything else. What inspired us to go into fashion in the first place is that it’s an industry where anything is possible. We were inspired by great designers who came before us, and we hope that others will consider our work and follow their own dream.”